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Makeup Geek Academy

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MGA Community

$108 Value

Joining the Makeup Geek Academy Community opens doors to a world of beauty, learning and collaboration. Members enjoy exclusive access to bonus trainings, weekly looks and professional insights from Marlena, alongside the chance to connect with fellow beauty enthusiasts. It’s more than just skill enhancement; it’s about joining a supportive network that inspires personal and artistic growth. Perfect for anyone from aspiring artists to seasoned professionals, this community is a hub for those passionate about elevating their makeup artistry.

Live Monthly Trainings
with Marlena

$197 Value

Monthly live trainings with Marlena offers an invaluable opportunity for hands-on learning and direct interaction with a beauty industry expert. These sessions allow you to gain immediate insights into advanced techniques and emerging trends, along with personalized feedback. This interactive and engaging format not only sharpens makeup skills but also fosters a sense of community among beauty enthusiasts, enhancing the learning experience.

Beauté Magazine

Issues Drop Every Other Month

$40 Value

Beauté, our monthly digital magazine, is your gateway to the latest in beauty, offering exclusive insights into makeup and skincare trends. Each edition is rich with expert advice, practical tutorials, and industry interviews, making it an invaluable resource for beauty enthusiasts. Stay informed, inspired, and ahead in the beauty world with Beauté, a must-have for anyone passionate about enhancing their beauty knowledge and skills.

Quarterly Guest Expert Trainings

$197 Value

Our Quarterly Guest Expert trainings offer a unique opportunity to learn from top industry professionals. These sessions cover a wide range of specialized beauty topics, providing deep insights and advanced techniques. They’re a valuable chance for both enthusiasts and professionals to expand their knowledge, network with experts, and elevate their skills in the beauty industry.

VIP Seasonal Looks

$97 Value

Our VIP Seasonal Looks keep you at the forefront of fashion with exclusive access to the latest beauty trends each season. These curated looks, complete with personalized product recommendations and step-by-step guides, allow you to effortlessly adopt cutting-edge styles. Perfect for those who love to stay stylish and experiment with new looks, our service ensures you’re always in vogue.
The Set Up

"The Set Up" Masterclass

$397 Value

Revolutionize your makeup approach with our comprehensive course, designed for a world where beauty information can be overwhelming and often unreliable. Dive into essential topics like the Color Wheel in Makeup, perfecting your understanding of the role of color in cosmetics. Master eyeshadow selection in The Eyes Have It: A Guide to Perfect Eyeshadow Palettes and explore skin undertones and color theory in From Base to Blush. Finally, in Artistry Unleashed: Crafting Custom Makeup Color Combinations, learn to create your unique color blends. This journey is tailor-made to refine your makeup skills uniquely suited to your beauty.


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